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La Raza Caotica is an American rock band founded by musician, singer & songwriter Rain Bermudez. The band was established in 2015 and since is a pioneer in the early American new wave and rock scenes. Currently working on their debut album containing strong elements of multiple genres. La Raza Caotica is regarded as an underground band and became noted for its eclectic mix of musical styles incorporating elements of rock, pop, alternative, reggae, and early soul music.
The group has performed throughout New York City best venues in 2016 including The Delancey theater in 2017. 
When asked what does La Raza Caotica mean. La Raza Caotica stands for a tribe of International artists united in helping global causes and various movements through music and creativity to inspire and achieve justice for all in need.





Live @ The Delancey NYC 10PM